156 The rise of biodegradable bags in Asia

The need for a clean environment, air, and reduction in pollutants are massive, with a significant number of supporters worldwide. The biodegradable bags and products are one such step to drastically reduce the waste products or harmful substances that can hamper the environmental conditions. Biodegradable bags are a smart option for plastic bags and other nonbiodegradable substances. Many of the companies are inventing new ideas and solutions to bring products that are less harmful to the environment. Plastic bags are the first item that is responsible for ocean pollutants and other water bodies. The mess they create has long term negative consequences in the aquatic life that have lasting negative impacts on the ecosystem.

The introduction of bags goes green movement is thoughtful and practical to combat the manufacture of plastic bags and noncompostable items. The Asian countries are known for their pioneering work to beautify and promote biodegradable bags, which is evident in their daily lives. The biodegradable bags are the plant-based products that make them easier or faster for decomposition. Most of them come from simple products like maize, wheat starch, or even barley. The more comfortable paper bags are easily compostable, and only a few hours to a week for the process. All of these make them an excellent product to replace plastic bags.

There are new ideas of bioplastics and biodegradable plastics in progress in big metropolitan cities yet still a fresh approach for globalizing the item. Nonetheless, a lot of previously manufacturing plastic bags have changed their direction and creating biodegradable bags. Compostable bags or biodegradable bags Malaysia are famous for their approach and reduction in the usage of plastic products.

The use of recycled cloth grocery bags, the more durable paper bags or jute bags, is popular with many recycling rules and banning of plastic products. To get more information visit http://sekoplas.com.my/



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