173 Ovutest The Right Choice To Determine Fertility

Ovutest is the world’s leading company in providing Ovulation kits. Researchers state that ovulation tests have an accuracy rate of 99% in determining the fertile days in women. The test helps to best determine when a woman is around the ovulation period in the course of which there will be a higher chance of a woman getting pregnant. Ovutest is known to provide a high-accuracy rate with its wide range of ovulation tests. The company deals exclusively in five products – Ovutest Digital Fermometer, Ovulation Strip Test Equipment, Ovutest 7 days plan, Ovutest Digital, and Ovutest Scope. Most ovulation kits test the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the urine. During a woman’s ovulation period, the luteinizing hormone surges and results in an increased chance for conceiving. While urine tests are effective, Ovutest has also come up with saliva and basal body temperature ovulation kits. The variety of Ovulation kits range from 1500 Rupiah to 200 thousand Rupiah.

Ovulation home test is comparatively cheaper than fertility tests at the hospital. Moreover, to test the surge in luteinizing hormone requires several days. As such, Ovutest has come up with Ovutest 7 days plan. For long-term use, Ovutest also offers Ovutest Digital that can be re-used even in the days to come. Depending on the short or long-term use, the price of Ovutest ovulation kits differs. The price range also differs by the method. Unlike the common practice of testing luteinizing hormone in the urine, Ovutest offers ovulation tests on saliva and basal body temperature. Besides, using Ovutest kits as a measure to determine fertility, it can also be used as a natural contraceptive to avoid pregnancy. Partners can avoid having sexual contact during the ovulation period to avoid conceiving. Ovutest can be used both ways that help women make the right choice. Ovutest fertility testing tools are practical, convenient, and provides with accurate and faster results. Ovutest fertility kits can be accessed through its official site, ovutest.co.id. Ovutest also maintains a blog page with valuable information on fertility and towards a healthy sexual relationship.  To get more information visit https://ovutest.co.id/blog



Ovutest is the leading company exclusively dealing in ovulations home kits. The company offers five variant products of Ovutest Digital Fermometer, Ovulation Strip Test Equipment, Ovutest 7 days plan, Ovutest Digital, and Ovutest Scope. The ovulation kits provide women with practical, convenient, and accurate results to best determine the fertility period.


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