13 Most people are relying on white pages online to find contacts.

According to the latest reports, online phone directories are gaining more users in the past few years. As most people are now more reliant on wireless smartphones, landline phone directories in phonebooks are rarely used. With more than 70% of the adult using smartphones, landline phones are rarely used by common people. Landlines are most common in businesses and offices.

As personal landline phones are decreasing in number after the introduction of wireless devices, printed phonebooks are barely used compared to smartphones usage. Landline phones are most prevalent in western countries, especially Europe. It was found that only about 43% of households now use a landline phone. Back in the early 2000s, most households own landline phones, and the white pages are used widely.

However, people in current age are more reliant on the internet, and only a few amounts of people use printed phonebooks. Though it is distributed annually to every household, it was reported that most people rarely open phone directories and as millions of copies are printed each year, the issue has been raised as printed phonebooks are deemed less helpful or unnecessary.

Online white pages and yellow pages are gaining more users as the information on the directories are usually updated frequently and have much easier access. Unlike printed phone directories, digital directories can find names and numbers in an instant. More businesses in the locality are registering to online yellow pages, and it is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising. It was also found that many local businesses are discovered through phone directories. Most white pages charge no cost for the information they provide; it has been gaining recognition since 2010. To get more information visit https://annuaireinversefrance.org/pages-blanches



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