3 Mobile gaming may dominate the gaming market in the next few years.

As per the latest reports on the gaming market, the total mobile gaming net worth revenue may reach more than a $100 billion in a few years. In 2018 mobile gaming net worth totaled to about $50 billion which is almost half compared to all platforms like PC, Playstation4, and Xbox. About 70% of the world’s population owns a Smartphone and 89% of phone users play mobile games which total to about 2.5 billion gaming in the phone. Survey also finds that there are more female mobile game players than male players.

Mobile gaming earned it popularity in a very short span of time as it is portable and it has become people’s favorite source of entertainment. Mobile gaming is the most popular in major Asian countries based on the total number of players. The mobile gaming market has generated more total revenue than the box office. The success of the mobile gaming industry is their player base, as some games are simplistic and suitable for all ages. People spend time gaming when they are at public transport, waiting rooms or when they have free time.

Casual gaming has attracted more players around the world, games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, etc. have millions of active daily players. Candy crush franchise earns an average of about $2 million daily which accounts to about a $1.5 billion yearly, as a top grossing game. Advancement in portable technology with powerful devices has changed the gaming industry in a few years. Nowadays, people spend an average of 30-50 minutes of gaming per day and millions of games flooding the market. The mobile gaming market is still expected to grow more in the coming years, taking over other platforms like PC and consoles. To get more information visit https://clashroyale-hacker.com/



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