104 KlikDokter.com reportedly is a health education portal site for the public and health community.

It is a health hub for communication and unlimited information. Founded in 2008, the portal site has been successful in carrying out its vision to the people of Indonesia.

As per the reports, KlikDokter consists of experienced medical experts who are in charge of editing and organizing the site. It is said that the site always endeavors to align with the interests of the health authorities in Indonesia. Promoting harmony, politeness, and compassion are also considered important by the health education portal site. It has been revealed that the site collaborates with some of the most significant medical associations in the country such as KKI, FK ILUNI, FKG ILUNI, IDI, and other medical associations as well. PT Medika Komunika Teknologi is claimed to be a shared subsidiary of PT Kreatif Media Karya and Kalbe. Reports claim that PT Medika Komunika Teknologi succeeded the company in 2016 and now operates it. The site allegedly features various categories like Home, Disease, Drug, Specialist, Live Chat, Healthy Info, Ask the Doctor, and The Video on its homepage.  A ‘Download the Application’ button is available on the homepage as well for easy download of the application. It is revealed that the Disease Index features a wide range of diseases and that it is all sorted alphabet wise. Users can check information on the disease they wish to know more about. The Drug Index is a collection of drug information organized neatly in alphabet order. The Specialist reportedly features an array of categories like Child Allergy, Anti-Fungus, Diabetes, et cetera. Users have the liberty to consult their doctor online by going to the Live Chat section. The Healthy Info category is highly recommended for people seeking health reviews and guides. It is reported that The Video offers highly informative health answers. To get more information visit https://www.klikdokter.com



www.klikdokter.com is a leading website for health education portal site, KlikDokter. It offers high-quality information and is highly reliable. All information on the website is professionally researched.


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