114 Innovative Actors Shaping Students Into Better Actors

Innovative Actor is a school established to produce refined actors. The school was established in 2019 with Bob Caso as the lead expert in the professional making of the actors. He is a well-known actor with over 30 years of experience in his professional career. He is not only an actor but a producer who is also an award-winning screenwriter. Caso’s acting experience and teaching methodology are the core foundation of the school. Besides being taught under the professional wing of Bob Caso, another great advantage of the school is that it offers trial free classes. Most students end with schools investing their time and money only to conclude not being satisfactory or not being progressive in their growth as actors. However, Innovative actors provide the free class to enable students to choose and decide accordingly before making permanent time and money investment. Moreover, though it’s a newly set up school, its other branches of school have proved to provide successful students who have started their career as actors by signing with agents, managers and started with their first successful performance.

With the profession of acting taking over the entertainment industry, there are now many schools that have set up to provide guidance. However, for proper growth into the acting profession requires the initial schooling stage to be of top priority. The teacher is the first factor to consider when choosing the right school. A teacher should be a mentor and genuinely interested in helping the student to reach his/her goal. The techniques and methodology applied are also a factor to be considered. At Innovative Actors, the techniques applied include monologues, scene study, improvisations, script analysis, emotional exercises, and cold reading. With the application of practical methods, students can cope with different situations at any given moment. For further growth in the making of a good quality actor, a well-established school providing the finest techniques and under the professional wing is of importance. To get more information visit https://innovativeactors.com/



Innovative actors are a branch of the Los Angeles innovative actor’s network. The other branch is one of the leading acting schools on the east coast; Florida named The Actor’s Group Orlando. The school is lead by an experienced actor of over 30 years, an award-winning screenwriter and a producer Bob Caso.


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