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i14d is an online website that provides with the lottery service. Users can choose the providers such as that of Sandakan, Singapore, Sarawak, Toto, PMP and Magnum. The lottery game involves users picking any number from 0000 to 9999. The results are drawn by selecting twenty-three numbers. If the user’s selected numbers are similar to any of the twenty-three numbers, then the user wins the prize. The lottery game has been reported to be originated from Kedah and people have existed to play the game dating back to 1951. 4D or 4-Digit game of lottery is popularly enjoyed in Singapore. In countries like Singapore and Malaysia, the result dates are drawn every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Providers such as Toto, Magnum, Da Ma Cai, and Derby Blue and Derby Green are known as the Number Forecast Operators. These providers are private companies and are fully accredited by the government of Malaysia.

4-Digit game is a pure game of luck where players can select any four-digit number and accordingly wait for the draw date. Similar games are played in different parts of the world such as Pick 4 in the United States, Jackpot in Germany and Pick five or 5-Digits in Canada. It is an enthralling lottery game where the outcome is purely decided on luck. Users can easily access the lottery game through i14d.com. The website operates online and can easily be accessed through any device of computers, laptops and mobile phones. i14d also provides with 10 % discount to its loyal players. There are no strict rules, the results are randomly drawn. However, there are cases where betting can get higher. There are cases of small and big forecasts. In the case of the small forecast, when the player’s selected numbers appear among the first three places, the player will have higher winnings. On the other hand, a big forecast has comparatively lower winnings when compared to the small forecast. To get more information visit http://www.i14d.com/



i14d is an online website that provides with the 4 Digit lottery game. The users can choose to buy any of the pool of Magnum, Toto, PMP, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, and Sandakan. Accordingly, the results will be drawn.


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